Fresh Ideas for 2021

Fundraising Ideas

A range of ideas & schemes you can adapt for your fundraising this year!


Family Boot Camp

Try out a new type of exercise as a family, such as running, yoga or a home workout series. Complete two or three workouts as a family each week and set yourself a fitness goal to complete as a family by the end of the month. This could be running 10k, completing an advanced yoga series or even achieving a 3-minute plank!

Ask friends and family to sponsor you as you become pro’s in your new workout regime and check out the link below for some additional activity ideas that you could try as a family!

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Fresh Air Challenge

Go outside with your family every day together for a walk, run, bike ride or hike. Try and go a little further each day and set yourself an overall distance to have completed by the end of the month. This could be the distance to your favourite holiday destination, your combined age in miles or your lucky number! Ask your friends to sponsor you and track how far you travel.

Use JustGiving to fundraise for your challenge and connect your JustGiving page with the fitness app Strava to help boost donations!

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Grow at Home

As a family, design and grow a flower box filled with red plants to showcase in your front garden or on your window sill. You could choose roses, tulips, petunias and more! Keep your flowers well cared for and decorate and display an Honesty Box to sit next to your creation. Invite neighbours and friends to donate some spare change into the Honesty Box for your beautiful display!

Alternatively, now is the perfect time of year to start growing your own tomatoes. Look after your tomato plants and once grown gift them to your neighbours in exchange for a small donation.

The link below provides some tips on how you can use Instagram to help fundraise – photos documenting the growth of your flowers or tomatoes can boost your fundraising potential!

Get Creative

As a family, get creative and learn a new skill like macrame, candle making, knitting, or card making. You could create wall hangings, scented candles, red scarves, and homemade cards.

Sell your creations to your neighbours and friends! Alternatively, gift your creations as birthday presents and donate the money that you would have spent instead.


Find your New Food Favourites

Go vegetarian or vegan as a family for a month and try out some new recipes. Everyone can take a turn to cook and you can sit down as a family to try your creations.

Ask your friends to sponsor you and keep them updated with your new favourite meals! Alternatively, donate the extra money that you would have spent on meat, fish, and dairy products that month.

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Post-Christmas Clear Out

Why not de clutter your house and see what you could (safely) sell online, donating what you can to charity! Old clothes, outgrown toys and unread books are a few ideas to get you started.

Virgin Money Giving have partnered with Ziffit to help people sell unwanted items.

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Sponsored Screen Time Challenge

Spending all your time staring at your screen? Switch off from your screens, whether that’s a phone, iPad, computer, or TV for a set period of time every day. Challenge yourself to switch off from your screens for a little longer each day and keep a record of how many screen free hours you manage in a month. 

Ask your friends to sponsor you for a month of limited screen time and use this extra time to connect with your family or try out a new hobby.

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