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A fun and free to participate challenge for all

This is your opportunity to help us raise awareness and funds for the much needed support for families with dependent children, who are facing the death of a parent.

There is no start date, route or rules – you can make your challenge just right for you. Whether you are just starting on your running journey, looking for a fun challenge to do with your family or some healthy competition with your friends, you will find lots of ideas and planning tips inside our fundraising pack to help you on your way.

Find out below about our challenge to “run” to Ruth’s hometown in Australia, and how you can help!

Register NowAbout #RunforRuth

Our Campaign Progress So Far

Graphic of shoelaces, shaped into a heart
Graphic of shoelaces, shaped into a heart. In front of graphics of Australia and United Kingdom.
Distance to Ruth's hometown
Strava miles completed


Total Money Raised

Help us make it across to Ruth’s hometown in Australia.

There are 10,446 miles between Lord’s and Ruth’s hometown in Australia.  That is 16,811 km! We would love for you to be part of our journey across the globe. Simply connect your Strava account to our #RunforRuth “club” so your miles will automatically appear on this page after your activity ❤️

Register to #RunforRuth

Help make a real difference

About The EventRead FAQs

How It Works


Join #RunforRuth

This is your opportunity to make a real difference. You are nearly there. Simply join our #RunforRuth community, set yourself a goal and start raising awareness of your challenge amongst your friends, family & communities. We will support you along the way!

Complete The Form

Tell us a bit about yourself by filling out the attached form and let us know if you would like to receive our fabulous #RunforRuth shoe laces. Once the form is completed we will be able to share some helpful tools & resources with you.

Download Your Fundraising Tools

We have a range of resources available to help you talk about your #RunforRuth on social media, to get your communities involved and supporting your fundraising activities.

Raise Your Funds

Let the challenge commence. Complete the #RunforRuth map (included in the fundraising pack) and set up your fundraising page. We are here to help you with any questions you may have!

Connect with us on Strava

To join our #RunForRuth challenge, and help us cross the globe (virtually!) visit www.strava.com/clubs/RSFrunforruth or;

  • Open up the Strava app on your mobile
  • Click on GROUPS at the bottom of the screen
  • Click CLUBS at the top and enter RunforRuth
  • & Join! ❤️
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Family photo of the Strauss family

Ruth had a very compassionate nature, always ensuring we helped people less fortunate than us. Always up for a challenge, Ruth signed us up for plenty of walks and runs over the years to help a worthy cause.

Your #RunforRuth participation means a lot to us, and I know Ruth would have been incredibly grateful too. Together we can make a real difference to people's lives.

Sir Andrew StraussFounder RSF

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #RunforRuth?

#RunforRuth is a free to participate physical and fundraising challenge open to everyone. You can run wherever you wish, whenever you like and with whichever family you choose, helping to support more families.

Take on #RunforRuth and your fundraising will help support families facing the death of a parent.

What challenge can I do?

It’s your choice! Think about how much exercise you currently do and try to pick a run or walking challenge that will push you, whilst making sure it is still something you will enjoy. We have included lots of suggestions in our fundraising pack which you will receive after you register.

When do I have to do my challenge?

You can do your own #RunforRuth challenge whenever you would like! Alternatively, if you have signed up to an organised event why not use that to #RunforRuth, such as the Vitality Westminster Mile.

How old do I have to be to take part?

Any age! However, If you are under 18 you will need a parent to register on your behalf. If you are completing a challenge as a family only one person needs to register, and you can let us know if you need more shoelaces for your younger family members.

Can I take part as a team?

Yes! It is your challenge and we want to make it as fun as it can be for you. When setting up your fundraising page you will have the option to create an individual page or team page.

Can I fundraise offline?

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions we recommend that you fundraise through virtual platforms such as Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving. If you would like to fundraise offline you will find more information on paying this money in within your fundraising pack along with a downloadable sponsorship form.

I’m having problems setting up my online fundraising page

Please contact the platform helpdesk who will be able to advise you on any issues with your page.

Can I dedicate my run to someone special?

Of course. You can let us know who you are dedicating your run to on your registration form. If you would like to tell us more about who you are dedicating your challenge to and why please get in touch at fundraising@ruthstraussfoundation.com.

Do I have to #RunforRuth in the UK?

No, you can take part anywhere in the world! Please bear in mind it might take a little longer for your #RunforRuth shoelaces to arrive depending on where you are based.

How do I link my Strava to #RunforRuth?

You can join our Strava club at www.strava.com/clubs/RSFrunforruth to make sure your miles count towards our goal or reaching Australia. Don’t forget to also connect your fundraising page to your Strava activity. It’s a great way to show your supporters the hard work you are putting in, and can increase your fundraising by 45%!

How can I contact you?

If you have a different issue, or would like to tell us more about what you have planned, don’t be shy, and send an email to fundraising@ruthstraussfoundation.com.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Yes! To say thank you for supporting us you will receive your own #RunforRuth shoelaces for your challenge. Don’t forget to share a picture with us of them in action! If you would rather not receive your shoelaces just let us know when you register.

Can I buy a T-Shirt?

Yes! You can buy a Ruth Strauss Foundation T-Shirt, and lots more, in our online store (link to https://shop.ruthstraussfoundation.com/)

Why are you asking for my information?

We want to make sure that the Ruth Strauss Foundation can give you the support and encouragement you deserve when fundraising for us. The information you provide us with will only be used for this purpose, unless you opt in to receive our wider marketing.

How do I stay safe during the challenge in Covid-19?

It is important that everyone stays safe and follow your local guidelines when planning your own #RunforRuth. As the guidelines are changing all the time we cannot give you specific information but do make sure you stay up to date with guidance.

Your safety is the most important thing to us so please make sure you are only undertaking something which is safe to do so.

Can’t see the answer you’re looking for? Click here to get in touch with a member of the RSF team, who will be able to help.

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