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Here for families facing grief.

If you have recently learned that an illness you have been diagnosed with cannot be cured, you may be concerned about whether to tell your children and what you need to tell them.

The Ruth Strauss Foundation Family Support Team is here to help. Our team can provide you with support and guidance on how you might tell your children that you do not have much longer to live. Many parents wonder whether to tell their children or not. When the right time might be and what words to use. You are not alone. We can talk to you about how best to start this difficult conversation.

Research has shown that children want to be told about their parent’s illness. Especially when they do not have long to live.

We can help you start and continue these conversations with your children. Open and honest conversations with your children will help them not to internalise any questions or worries they may have, and will allow them to share how they feel with you. By being transparent with children, families can prepare and make the most of the remaining time together.

Talking to your children about not having long to live is one of the hardest conversation any parent will have.

Please click below if you would like our support. Our team will get in touch with you within two working days:

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"I know Ruth died in peace having done all we could to prepare for a future without her, while creating meaningful and lasting memories before she died."

Andrew Strauss

Every day families with dependent children come face to face with terminal diagnoses. It was Ruth's belief that professional emotional support helps families remain connected: by communicating open and honestly with your children, families can embrace a parent's final journey together.

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