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Mission News

Deepa, our Head of Mission Services, attended the 21st British Thoracic Oncology Group (BTOG) conference which took place in Belfast over three days in April.

She was joined by 1,011 attendees from around the UK – the largest attendance the conference has ever had. It was Deepa’s first time attending BTOG on behalf of the Ruth Strauss Foundation.

BTOG is a multi-disciplinary group for UK healthcare professionals involved with thoracic malignancies. The aim of BTOG is to support and educate thoracic oncology healthcare professionals and to create a community where they can exchange ideas, information and innovation – as well as foster the development of research. The annual conference brings them together to meet in person, attend fascinating talks and to network.

"Attending BTOG has been a fantastic opportunity for me to meet inspiring people working within the field of lung cancer. I've been able to meet with medical oncologists, clinical oncologists, surgeons, nurses, physicians, and junior doctors/fellows and talk to them about the work of the Ruth Strauss Foundation and how we're driving the need for more research and collaboration into non-smoking lung cancer.

DeepaHead of Mission, Ruth Strauss Foundation

One of Deepa’s highlights was attending a very interesting and positive session on tissue sampling and funding of lung cancer drugs.

We were delighted to have our joint campaign with ALK Positive UK and EGFR Positive UK, ‘See Through the Symptoms’, on display at the conference. You can find out more about our campaign, which features photos by renowned British photographer Rankin, who mother died due to lung cancer.

See Through The Symptoms