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Virtual London Marathon

Event Date: 21st April 2024 For every place in the London Marathon there are more than five applicants! If you don’t have a ballot place, you can still run the virtual marathon and support RSF for your own marathon challenge.
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Thames Bridges Trek

Event Date: 14th Sept 2024 Starting at Putney Bridge in London you’ll trek across 16 of the city’s historic bridges, each with their own fascinating story. You stop for some refreshments at Oval Cricket Ground before finishing at the Tower Bridge.
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London 2 Brighton Ultra Challenge

Event Date: 25th - 26th May 2024 Grab your RSF clothing and get ready to start your route from Richmond-Upon-Thames with 2,000 other adventurers. It may be called ‘London 2 Brighton’ but you can choose a distance that suits you!
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Manchester Marathon

Event Date: Sunday 14th April 2024 Take part in Manchester’s very own 26.2 mile challenge, famous for its fast, flat and friendly route. The registration fee is £40.
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East Yorkshire

Event Date: 28th April 2024 Half Marathon Just 8 miles from Hull city centre, this road closed loop goes around West Newton and New Ellerby and it’s a flat road course so it’s perfect for beginners who haven’t yet took on a challenge for RSF.
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Edinburgh 5K | 10K | Half Marathon

Event Date: 25th- 26th May 2024 Fast & flat, the Edinburgh Half Marathon follows the Haven’t done a half marathon before but the 5 and 10k options don’t feel challenging enough? This event is ideal because it’s known for being ‘fast and flat’!
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Asics London 10K

Event Date: 14th July 2024 Dash past iconic central London sights Big Ben, the London Eye and the River Thames as you wear #RedForRuth.

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