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For Families Facing Grief


Ruth believed that all parents receiving a terminal diagnosis, should have access to support and guidance to prepare for the future. We hope that our Family Support Service and resources will help families prepare for grief, death & dying. We are here to support parents on how to start the difficult conversation with their children about their terminal diagnosis. By encouraging families to maintain an open and honest dialogue, children will be able to make the most of the time left with the dying parent, without internalising questions, worries or fears.

We are here for families facing grief.

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Our New
Family Support Service

Find out about our Family Support Service and how we can support families facing one of life’s toughest tests.

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‘This is About Me and You’

Our workbook ‘This is About Me and You’ is designed for families where a parent has an incurable illness. It can help you to communicate with children about illness, grief and death.

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LCC x RSF Flash Cards

A set of flashcards designed to help parents have inclusive conversations with their children about a diagnosis, treatments, emotions and more. Created in collaboration with the Little C Club.

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Personal Stories

We are very grateful for the people who have shared their stories with us. Browse our published stories today.

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Useful Literature

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Families Facing Grief During Christmas

When you know you do not have long to live, this Christmas with your children is a time to leave them with special memories…

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Supporting Families

We believe that every family facing the death of a parent should be offered  professional, emotional support. Watch the video for more on our mission.


Talking to Your Child
About Dying

RSF’s support advisor Jenni Thomas shares 10 helpful insights, to help guide parents facing one of life’s toughest tests.

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Mothers & Father’s Day

Making Father’s Day and Mother’s Day memorable when faced with a terminal illness.

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Audio Resources

Podcasts & Shows

Browse a selection of our latest podcast features and recommended support podcasts. Our library will continue to grow, so do check back soon for more audio resources.

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