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On Wednesday 16 June, five fundraising heroes will set off on their challenge to be the first to take on the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. They will be cycling between and hiking the three peaks whilst on Brompton folding bikes. 

The cycle the summits team are not only taking on the highest mountains in England, but they will be completing the distance between on fold up Brompton bikes. This challenge will see the team complete approximately 450 miles of cycling and 27 miles hiking (each carrying a bike on their back).

These bikes have been custom made and produced by Brompton in support of the challenge and have a fabulous RSF twist. The team will sport bespoke RSF kit produced by Garmin.

We’re delighted to introduce you to the team and give an insight into why they are taking on this huge feat and what it means to them.

Scott Smith

Having worked with Andrew and known Ruth I want to help support the brilliant work RSF does in supporting families facing one of life’s toughest tests. The Cycle the Summits challenge was designed as something ridiculously challenging that would push our team to their physical and mental limits and in doing so result in a compelling platform to maximise donations for RSF.

Gavin Bewick

Non-smoking related lung cancer robbed us of my mum and stopped her getting to know her grand kids. This type of cancer is increasing, is often diagnosed late reducing the chance of effective treatment. What better way to raise awareness than supporting the awesome Ruth Strauss Foundation whilst doing something crazy.

Nick Maltby

In early 2018 my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. My family watched him deteriorate while trying to remain strong, and in January 2019 he passed away. RSF supports families in these situations, and specifically families with children where a parent is diagnosed with a terminal condition. I am doing the challenge to raise as much financial support as possible to enable RSF to give families and children everything they need during a really tough time in their lives.

Matthew Pryke

I love a challenge as this is an opportunity to test our physical and mental resolve in pursuit of our goal. However, this challenge means so much more because of the great cause we are seeking to raise funds for. Whilst our adventure may be tough, this seems nothing when compared to the test so many families face when a parent receives a terminal diagnosis. To support the RSF in this small way, feels like doing what we can to help the families and children in the emotional challenges they face. Andrew and his team have achieved so much and I was keen to support Andrew, the RSF and its mission.

Rachael Smith

The work the Ruth Strauss Foundation does to support families through such an incredibly hard time is so important.  I have seen friends suffer through losing a parent to cancer and as a mother of 2 young boys I know how important it is to have this support for children.  This is why I am taking on a ridiculously hard challenge in order to raise as much money as possible for such a great cause.

The Teams Itinerary

Cycle the summits team photo with there red for ruth bikes

Day 1 – Estimated time 19 hours
3am — Hike Snowdon 1,085 metres
7am — Cycle from Snowdon to Kendal — 152 miles.

DAY 2 – Estimated total time 17 hours
5am — Cycle to Scafell (Ambleside) 21 miles (34 kilometres)
7am — Hike Scafell Pike 978 metres. Return hike to Seathwaite
12 noon — Cycle from Seathwaite to Crawford Biggar 97 miles.

DAY 3 – Estimated total time 15 hours
4am — Cycle to Fort William 149 miles
7pm — Hike Ben Nevis 1,345 metres.

Instagram Live

with Sir Andrew Strauss & Cycle The Summits team

7.30pm Wednesday 16 June

Find us on Instagram @ruthstraussfoundation.

Follow @cycle_the_summits on Instagram for more updates.

Team standing on hill looking out to view with bikes on back

I worked with Scott for a long time and he knows just how
important the Ruth Strauss Foundation is to me, my family and now so many others across the UK. I think he and his team are mad to take on a challenge like this but we are incredibly grateful and thankful for their hard work in raising money and awareness in Ruth’s name.

Andrew Strauss

If you would like to donate to the team’s huge challenge, click the button below.