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My volunteering experiences at RSF have been some of the best and most fulfilling experiences ever.

I have always had a goal of wanting to help other people and make a difference, whether it be big or small, and RSF gave me my first opportunity to do this by giving me the chance to volunteer in the preparation for the Red for Ruth event, as well as on the actual event day at Lord’s cricket ground.

The support and training I received during this volunteering was amazing from the whole RSF team, everything was explained very clearly and I always knew exactly what I was doing.


The Red for Ruth event itself was SO much fun, the atmosphere on the day was buzzing with lots of positivity from the team and volunteers. I also volunteered at the IAAFA Ball 2021, which was hugely successful again!

An example of a role we had as volunteers was to sell lucky dip tokens to guests (we sold out!). I can’t wait to volunteer for RSF again and I would highly recommend it to everyone! The RSF team genuinely made me feel like I was part of their team and made me feel so welcome, all round one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.