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Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery are a collection of 92 businesses across England, Scotland & Wales with locations ranging from Aberdeen to Plymouth.

Serving fresh handmade dough pizzas, slow roasted carvery meats and pub classics. They are at the heart of the community and regularly run local events and family days.

The brand was launched in 2015 and pride themselves on the friendliness of their teams and dedication to delivering of great fresh food.

Why did Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery decide to support the Ruth Strauss Foundation?

In January 2021 we lost a valued colleague. Graeme was the heart and soul of the brand, a man who connected with everyone he met with a great sense of humour and lust for life.

Graeme, his partner Sherry and their 3 amazing children Layton, Lola & Libby had recently relocated back to Bury to be closer to family and build their family home.
Graeme suffered a fatal heart attack which shocked us all and left a young family without their partner and dad.

Graeme was a huge cricket fan and had spent many years playing in the local cricket leagues. When it came to choosing a charity partner it was an absolute no brainer to choose RSF because of Graeme’s love of cricket and the families connection to the charity.

A man cycling to raise money- stonehouse pizza
A Christmas tree with RSF posters - Stonehouse Pizza
What has been the response from your customers to supporting Ruth Strauss Foundation?

Brilliant, with the charity not having as much exposure as some of the larger more well-known charities it has been a great opportunity to share the story and educate guests about the foundation and the great work they do.

What have you got planned for 2022 and how much do you plan to raise for RSF?

Across the course of 2022, we have a lot planned. We’ll be participating in & hosting events such as; Sponsored Runs, Sponsored Obstacle Courses, Sponsored Hill Climbs, Sporting Memorabilia Auctions, Sporting Tournaments, Easter egg Hunt, Sponsored Boat Row, Raffles, Bake Sales, Kids Activity Days.

How much have you raised so far and how much do you plan to raise?

We have raised nearly £20K and hope to beat our target of 50K by the end of the year!

How have you raised funds during the partnership?

We have so far done a number of events, including:

  • Sponsored Bike Rides
  • Christmas Raffles
  • Sponsored Head Shave’s
  • Children’s Discos
  • Fancy Dress
  • Christmas Market
  • Virtual Racing Competition

Get in touch for more information about becoming a partner