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Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer

Lung cancer is often associated with an older patient-profile, and smokers. The face of non-smoking lung cancer (NSLC) however is very different.

Non smoking lung cancers are on the rise and if considered as it’s own disease, it’s the UK’s 8th most common cause of cancer related deaths. It’s our mission to raise more awareness about non-smoking lung cancers, and driving the need for more research and collaboration of this disease.

In November, we re-launched our See Through The Symptoms campaign together with EGFR Positive UK and Alk Positive UK. The campaign urges GPs and primary healthcare professionals to act on the symptoms of lung cancer, regardless of the smoking history or age of the patient. More about this campaign below.

We want to thank all the people who have shared their stories with us. We hope these will help you understand that anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.

See Through The SymptomsPeople's Stories

Did you know?

Today, 96 people will die from Lung Cancer.

27 of them will have never smoked. 27 will die tomorrow and the next day too. Please share far and wide and let’s work together to raise awareness and the need of vital funds for a cancer that is on the rise and many people still haven’t heard about. Remember: anyone with lungs can get lung cancer 🤍

Meet Pete

Pete was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer age 50 – a never-smoker. His main symptom was a recurrent chest infections…

Meet Sally

11 months after her first symptoms appeared, Sally was diagnosed with stage 4 non-smoking lung cancer. She was 49. That was 8 years ago. Sally has responded well to her targeted ALK+ treatment.

My biggest piece of advice would be never dismiss your symptoms. Make sure your chest is listened to and an X-ray or CT scan taken regardless of whether you've smoked or not.

Meet Jaber

Jaber was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer age 37 – a never-smoker. His main symptoms were a persistent cough and breathlessness.

Meet Angela

I am very lucky to have responded well to targeted treatment. I am back to running regularly, finding any excuse to put on my trainers. I run the 5km to my local hospital each month to pick up my meds and hope to run the London Marathon in 2023. I don’t think or talk about having lung cancer on a day-to-day basis. But if my story today is the catalyst for one person to visit their GP and being diagnosed sooner, it will be invaluable.

Meet Joanna

Joanna was diagnosed with an incurable non-smoking lung cancer age 34.

Joanna decided to share her story on instagram, to help raise awareness for non-smoking lung cancers and to conquer the stigma attached to lung cancer.

Please click the button below for Joanna’s story.

Joanna's Story
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Non-Smoking Lung Cancers

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